California Finds ‘Pot of Gold’ in Wine and Weed

Published On August 20, 2017 » 1205 Views» All Articles
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California Finds ‘Pot of Gold’ in Wine and Weed

On a warm summer evening at a vineyard in Sonoma, California, a group of well-heeled guests gathered at a local Sonoma vineyard sipping rose, feasting on food… and smoking cannabis.

The event was hosted by marijuana entrepreneurs looking to build bridges with longtime winemakers.

“I think that as we see it become more socially acceptable, you will see more and more people open to giving it a try,” said Sam Edwards, president of the Sonoma Cannabis Company.

Nearby, vintner Dennis De La Montanya is mingling with guests. The sixth-generation winemaker says he doesn’t “indulge” in marijuana, but is curious about the financial opportunities that go along with the crop.

– Read the entire article at CNBC News.


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