New Medical Marijuana Documentary Reveals Hidden Medical Marijuana Uses

Published On September 7, 2016 » 1896 Views» All Articles
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New Medical Marijuana Documentary Reveals Hidden Medical Marijuana Uses

Marijuana Documentary

THE BIG QUESTION —if the government has a patent on medical marijuana, grows medical marijuana and sends medical marijuana to medial marijuana patients across the country—how can they claim that marijuana has no medical value? According to Green Flower Media it’s because of one simple fact—ignorance.

Instead of knowing the truth about cannabis and it’s healing properties the masses are filled with misinformation and misled by propaganda. Can we really blame them? Because crazy marijuana myths still abound. Plus people are still getting thrown in jail for using, selling, growing or recommending medical marijuana. The key to proving the benefits of medical marijuana once and for all? Educating the masses. And it starts by having ’em watch this quick 3-part series.

In this eye opening medical marijuana documentary you’ll discover the most up-to-date facts, science and information about the benefits of medical marijuana as well as learn:

*Exactly what is medical marijuana
*Why Cannabis is such an effective treatment for many ailments
*The science behind how cannabis interacts in the body
*The legitimate conditions that cannabis can treat effectively
*How to address fears and misconceptions about using cannabis
*Who’s actually using cannabis as medicine today (it’s not what you think)

Click to watch the 3-Part Video Series



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