Does Cannabis Strengthen Bones?

Published On August 30, 2016 » 888 Views» All Articles
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Does Cannabis Strengthen Bones?


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It’s common knowledge that our bones become more brittle as we age. But, does that have to be the case? Turns out, there is quite a bit you can do to help maintain strong, healthy bones throughout your lifetime. Adding a little cannabis treatment to the mix may be on the list.

Recent research has shown that cannabis may help facilitate bone metabolism as we age.

Bone metabolism (also called bone remodeling) is the process of clearing away old bone cells and replacing them with new ones.

As you age, bone metabolism slows down. The body spends less and less time growing new bone material and more time on repairs. A 2009 study from Scotland’s University of Edinburgh found that cannabis may impact bones differently as people age.

Using rodent models, the researchers found that cannabinoids may have a negative effect on young, growing bones. Yet, they found positive effects in older mice.

In older mice, the same compounds that caused trouble for youngins actually decreased bone loss and decreased excess fat accumulation in bones. Fat accumulation contributes to bone diseases like osteoporosis.

Another 2012 review published by the same university articulated that the body’s natural endocannabinoids, the human version of psychoactive THC, regulate bone mass, bone loss, and bone cell function.

While there is some promise that cannabis may strengthen aging bones or potentially slow down the bone decay process, there is more evidence that the herb may have an impact on age-related bone diseases directly.

Research on cannabis and bone diseases may be in experimental phases right now, but the evidence is compelling. Compounds in the herb may be able to regulate bone repair and slow the progression of age-related bone loss.

Coupled with the fact that cannabis has shown potential in protecting the aging brain, as well as preventing stress-related damage, the herb’s impact on old bones is yet another reason why cannabis just keeps getting better with age. read more at


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